Perkins K-8 Academy STEM Camp: A Summer of Innovation and Excitement

Codey Students Space StationPerkins Students check out a mission to the Space Station by Northrop Grumman Space Sciences

Perkins K-8 Academy in San Diego hosted a full-day STEM camp this summer, funded by the San Diego County DA's Office K12 Program and Logan Hts CDC. The camp provided students with a unique opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math through hands-on activities and projects.

Codey Students Group 1

The camp experience began each morning with academic enrichment from the EDforTech Alliance and CoderZ gamified coding. In the afternoon, students worked in teams to program a Codey Rocky robot for a mission to Mars

The campers also had the opportunity to participate in Industry Days and field trips to STEM-related areas in San Diego.

On Industry Days, students heard from space scientists from Northrop Grumman and controlled land rovers provided by engineers from Porpoise Robotics. The field trips included visits to the San Diego Air & Space Museum, the Fleet Science Center, and the Qualcomm Science Center.

The camp culminated in a capstone event for parents, where students showed off what they had learned and were presented with UCSD Certificates of Award in Engineering Design and Computer Science, along with 3 credits for college.

Parents were overwhelmingly positive about the camp experience. They appreciated the opportunity for their children to learn about STEM in a fun and engaging way. They also praised the camp's rigorous curriculum and the opportunities for students to interact with industry professionals.

Here are some testimonials from parents:

Codey Parent Testimonials 3Codey Parent Testimonials 1Codey Parent Testimonials 2

The Perkins K-8 Academy STEM camp was a success in every way. It provided students with a unique opportunity to learn about STEAM through hands-on activities and projects. The camp also helped to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM fields, many of which said they want to be engineers!


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